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Nursery and Preschools

Colinton Private Nursery

22 Dreghorn Loan, Edinburgh EH13 0DE, UK – 0131 477 7330

Lovely nursery. The staff are all polite and very friendly. My daughter loves Colinton Private Nursery and has grown in confidence whilst being there. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the nursery to anyone looking for childcare.

My children currently attend this nursery and we're thrilled with the care and support the staff provide. The nursery has a relaxed atmosphere and my children have thrived at Colinton Private Nursery (CPN). My oldest was at a different nursery before we moved to Colinton and, although his former nursery excelled in the Care Inspectorate Reports, we found he much preferred CPN in practice. Contrary to his former nursery, he slept and ate well at CPN and was much happier. I trust the staff to look after my children well. On one occasion, when picking up my child, I witnessed a girl choking on her snack. Within a second a staff member was attending to the girl and began first aid and the situation was resolved as quickly as it started. We have found the staff to be caring, attentive and with the best interests of our children at the forefront of their practice.

Lanark Road Nursery

305 Lanark Rd, Edinburgh EH14 2LL, UK – 0131 441 5678

Fantastic staff and fantastic facilities for all children. My 3 children all loved it here.

City Nursery

48 Greenbank Dr, Edinburgh EH10 5SA, UK – 0131 446 0088

Amazing nursery!!

Primary and Secondary Schools

Firrhill High School

9 Oxgangs Rd N, Edinburgh EH14 1DP, UK – 0131 441 4501

Went there back in the 70s.

Firrhill high school astroturf pitches. The Firrhill astroturf pitches are great i do football training there 2 times a week. The blades of the artificial grass are short and easy to glyde on i seriously recomend theese pitches for practise at football/hockey. T.

Bonaly Primary School

57 Bonaly Rd, Edinburgh EH13 0FJ, UK – 0131 441 7211

Great school

I love my school

St Augustine's R.C. High School

208 Broomhouse Rd, Edinburgh EH12 9AD, UK – 0131 334 6801

One of my friends is from there, although I can't really say much about it since I've never visited it.

It's nice

Public & Preparatory Schools

George Watson's College

69 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5EG, UK – 0131 446 6000

amazing college

Friend did work experience here and they treated him really well

Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh

294 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH13 0PU, UK – 0131 312 2200

I was a pupil at Merchiston Castle School from 2000 until 2005 (which was when I finished my A-Levels). I really enjoyed, and have fond memories of, my time at Merchiston. The staff and teachers were always very helpful and facilitating to the pupils' needs. I cannot recommend this school enough!

Absolutely top notch. Had my boys at another competing school in EDI for a bit and found the culture gravely lacking, and teachers unwilling to really care about it beyond a bit of lip service. In contrast, Merchi walks the talk through and through. Very 'real,' happy, enriched boys who support each other and are supported by teachers and staff with emotional intelligence and true caring for the experience and excitement for learning. Fabulous education. Where at prior school the kids cut each other down, here one of my sons had a peer warmly talk him through some homesickness as he tried to fall asleep, etc. Such a warm, welcoming place and parents are always about and welcome. Whereas the prior school was a scratchy starched shirt, Merchi is a warm, cozy cashmere jumper. You really can't find better. Be sure to do a taster day as again, some schools sell well but your child can only thrive and be happy and excited to go to school if the experience is amazing every single day, with every single teacher. And as a lesson learned on my part - trust your child after the taster day. You don't want to have to switch schools after 3 months because Mom and Dad were impressed by a lower-culture school just b/c "TB went there..." Merchi offers the real thing through and through.

Edinburgh Steiner School

60 Spylaw Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5BR, UK – 0131 337 3410

The care for the children and attention to detail that the staff give is outstanding. I wish there were more schools like this one. The children are happy probably because they are allowed to be the individuals that they are. I love the fact school starting age is 6 or 7 in steiner schools. Research shows that this is better for the children's self esteem and also for academic achievement as children learn most from playing before the age of 7. I have met many wonderful people through the school. It is a lovely community of families.

Local secondary schools with location and contact details